Business Intelligence accessible to anyone

Alpom Analytics is a self-service BI tool for small and medium business. Get a full view of your business with ad-hoc reports and dashboards by connecting to different data sources without programming or SQL.


How Alpom Analytics helps your company:

Get a 360˚ view of your
company data

Gather all your data from different
sources in one place and analyze
them in one flow.

Present data in easy-to-read

Create insightful reports and
dashboards that will allow your team
to make data-driven decisions.

Find out what makes you
grow or lose

Analyze your data to see insights,
patterns and trends that will help
to grow your business.

Always be aware of a current

Rely on fresh data received with
Alpom Analytics tools for
Data-Driven decisions.

Accessible and secure cloud analytics

4 steps to your company growth

Create interactive and easy to read reports

Define which data and in what form you want to monitor and analyze.
Be always aware of what's going on.

  • Easy creation of standard and Ad-Hoc reports without any programming
  • Data aggregation and filters
  • Create Pivot tables into your reports
  • Add calculated measures and dimensions (sums, percentages, etc.)
Choose visualization that works best for you

Select from several visualization types (table, pie, charts, etc.).
Create interactive reports with ability to Drill down and up in data (Data Drill).
Add forecast to your reports.
Combine reports on a dashboard to see the full picture on one screen.

  • every report can be added as a widget on a dashboard)
  • define structure, widget placement and size
Share your data and always stay alert with fresh data

Create automated scheduled reports for all stakeholders. Grant access to your reports and dashboards only to those you have chosen.

  • send reports via email (with different mail lists to one report)
  • automated (scheduled) report delivery with a specified frequency (monthly, weekly, daily)
  • select access rights for your users (admin, edit, view)

Add Alerts to your reports to be always aware of your business KPI’s and other metrics.

  • automated email notifications if selected metric exceeds the specified limits
  • create several Alerts for each metric and specify recipients
Start analyzing

Find growth points and main sources of losses, identify problems in time. Generate hypotheses and support them with relevant data.

Make decisions based on up-to-date and reliable data and not only on opinions and feelings.

Build a Data culture - when the whole company has a reliable source of information, which can be accessed at any time to give trustworthy answers to your employee.

Free trial
for 90 days

Connect to your data sources, create reports and dashboards for 3 months for free.
All created reports will be available after your trial is over. You can get full access to all functions after
choosing one of the tariff plans.